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Riley, with Wandering Bud!

Photo by Lauren Pusateri

My name is Riley, and I am the artist behind and owner of Wandering Bud. We create cannabis accessories for those who are looking for an elevated experience. Our pieces double as works of art and can be left out proudly on coffee tables and mantles.

WB came to be after a trip to Portland in the Summer of 2016. Recreational cannabis had just become legal in Oregon, and this trip brought me my first dispensary experience. I loved the culture and vibe of the city, but also noticed that the pipes being sold around the city weren’t anything I would feel happy smoking from. At the same time, I was feeling stuck in my job as an elementary music teacher. I wanted to do something more creative, flexible, and independent as the confines of public school teaching left me feeling exhausted of the strict scheduling and hamster-wheel life. These two experiences converged and led me to purchase a kiln from Craigslist and start experimenting with making ceramic smoke accessories. Six months later, I launched Wandering Bud with an Etsy shop and an Instagram account. 

Just over three years later, I’ve left teaching, have an amazing production assistant (hi Molly!), and we’ve just moved out of my home basement studio and into a 500 square foot space with tons of natural light at 45th and Troost. Our product line has both refined and expanded, and I take pride in our effort to constantly improve our best-selling products. The new bubbler quickly became a personal favorite because of its super smooth hits and discreet aesthetics. Learning to scale to meet demand for the bubblers and other products is one of my primary goals for 2020. 

Not having a degree in either ceramics or in business, there is always something to learn in growing this business, which is one of my favorite parts of this work. I am constantly challenged and have shown myself how strong I am and that no obstacle is too large to overcome (or navigate around). Reading the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck was a game-changer for me - I now really feel like I can tackle any problem that arises, which is a huge asset in the solo-preneur life.




Please flip through these images, and make sure to check her out! The beauty of her work completely enticed us, and functionality shockd us!  These pieces bring such an elevated experience and we are honored to showcase these beautiful pieces! 

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Abi Wagner!



Abi owns somewherebetweenart.com and @SomehwereBetweenArt on instagram! She is FULL of amazing ideas and continues to inspire us! We chose to spotlight Abbi due to her infectious energy, love for art, and creative talent! Please flip through some of our favorite pieces of hers below, and visit her page to show some love!