The Craft Daddies Story

Hello, my name is Tristan, and my boyfriend is a plantaholic. On our first date, Austin took me to his favorite Kansas City plant nursery where he was instantly recognized by several of the employees, one of whom knew him so well as a regular that she asked, “how is that alocasia you got doing?” He proceeded to have a lengthy and in depth conversation with her about said alocasia, troubleshooting how this or that could be affecting the plants progress. Meanwhile, I stood beside him nodding along as if I knew an alocasia from an aralia. 


After exploring every inch of the green house, we went back to Austin’s apartment where he proudly  displayed his collection of 40 happy and healthy house plants. The numbers only grew from there. Over the next few months, 40 house plants became 50. And then, when Austin landed a seasonal job working at the green house, I held my breath everyday when he came home from work wondering what kind or how many plants he was going to unload from the car. Before long, we had no choice but to start hanging plants from the ceiling! 


So, when a fellow plant fanatic told us she had been making her own macrame plant hangers, we thought “hey, that sounds like something we could do!” Cut to us, confused looks slapped across our faces, tangled ropes between our fingers, rewinding and rewatching tutorials until finally, it clicked! From then on, it was like we had unlocked a secret gift that we never knew we had. We started out with our original plan in mind, making plant hangers. Then we soon discovered that macrame reached far beyond plant hangers. Wall hangings became our new obsession. Being able to take wood and cotton string and make these incredible works of art really made us feel like we were making something special. And when people started wanting our products, we were ecstatic to see the positive and nostalgic reactions from our customers. 


Macrame, like all good trends, is making a come back! This 13th century art form has popped up in many cultures and countries throughout history, most famously in the 70’s along side it’s companion the shag carpet, a trend I think most of us are hoping will never come back. Now, it is gaining a new life by claiming its spot in the boho style decor that has become so popular. Macrame’s clean and natural look also grabs the attention of a more environmentally conscious world where people are looking for safe, beautiful, natural, handmade products. That’s why as we move forward we are excited to continue expanding our catalog of decorative and functional products. From hangers and houseplants, to handmade rugs, curtains, and wall decor, ya’ll better keep your eyes out for the perfect Craft Daddies product for your space! And if we haven’t made it yet, hit us up on our contact us page and let’s collaborate on a totally custom piece that will fit your vision! 


The Craft Daddies